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6 Simple Decorations for Thanksgiving Dinner

Our favorite holiday, hands down, is Thanksgiving! What’s not to love? The time we all spend with family and friends is so precious and great food and desserts await everywhere we visit. Yet, for those who love to entertain, decorating for the holiday can be limiting and difficult. Thanksgiving usually is skipped over in décor stores for Christmas decorations and we all have to think outside of the box to emphasize the theme. With our decoration ideas, you can easily spruce up the dinner party with simple accents and centerpieces.

Photos of family and friends

The easiest and most sentimental decorative choice is simply having photos of family and friends throughout the space. Printing pictures is fast, thrift stores are littered with beautiful frames that cost close to nothing and you can also request that guests bring some images. The photos are great ways to start conversations, guide the crowd around the room and the fond memories are exactly why we take the time to celebrate Thanksgiving. Turning your home into the ultimate photo album will inspire others to do the same.

Message board

Another personal centerpiece guests will love is leaving what they’re thankful for on a message board or hanging tree. They can go further and leave memories or words that remind them of those they love. The boards become an instant keepsake and can be presented every year or passed on to the next generation for more additions. This activity instantly lightens the mood and encourages a new tradition your guests can pass along to others.

Leaf tags for drink vessels

A big pet peeve for event hosts is the over usage of cups and glasses, especially if plastics are being used. The best way to keep track of everyone’s drinks and minimize clean-up is to make leaf name tags guests can stick or hang on to their vessel. You can get very creative if made at home and there are reusable designer options on the market. They’re also great for everyday use like tagging water bottles at sporting events.

Gourds, nuts, berries, feathers, corn, corn husks, pine cones, and branches

All the ingredients above, which can be found fresh or faux, are versatile enough to accent the space in countless ways with items we have around the home. Candle holders can turn into platforms for gourds and turkeys made out pine cones and feathers. Vases can be filled with anything like nuts, berries, and corn and elevated with layering or branches. They are also great for kids to use to create Thanksgiving arts and crafts. There are many ideas and guides online and at stores that are easy and aim for affordability.


The most common and handy decorative pieces that can be used in many ways are wreaths. Of course, they are usually placed on doors and mantles but can also surround candle holders, bowls, cups, napkins, silverware and can be hung on the back of chairs. They can range from simple and natural to ornate and complex, especially if created at home. Also, they come in different sizes and can easily be turned into a show-stopping table centerpiece. Don’t be afraid to add lovely messages or photos to enrich their value.

The kiddy table

Sometimes our children don’t want to sit at the kiddy table and join the adults to feel grown up. So we suggest doing what you can to make the kiddy table more appealing with plenty of treats and activities to eliminate boredom and squabbles. A roll of kraft paper makes a fun tablecloth for the kids to draw on as they wait for dinner. You can prepare gift bags with more things they can use on the paper like stickers and stamps, more material to make Thanksgiving arts and crafts and supply plenty of Thanksgiving-themed sweet treats. Another great thing to have for the children is their very own message board to share what they’re grateful for.

Our last piece of advice is to take it easy and enjoy the holiday. No matter what things look like or what’s on the menu, the most important thing to do is be present and have a good time. The last thing we want to do is add more stress and worry on your plate. We hope everyone has a jubilant and fun holiday and we appreciate your time and business. Happy Thanksgiving!

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