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Fun DIY Projects to Spruce Up Your Backyard

Even if you don’t have tons of money to spend on your backyard, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. There are plenty of fun and easy DIY projects you can do to make your backyard and patio more homey and welcoming without blowing your budget. Here are some of the best DIY projects for decorating your backyard.

Bird Feeding Station

You don’t have to purchase an expensive bird feeder to attract local wildlife to your yard. You can easily make your own feeder using an old wine bottle, mason jar, or milk carton. The basic concept is simple – you’ll fill up the container of your choice, and then cut a hole in the bottom so that the bird food can flow out. Attach a saucer or other similar container to the container for the birds to eat from. The food will slowly flow out as the birds eat it. You can then decorate these items by painting them.

Friendly Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are one of the most affordable ways to provide seating in your backyard, but they don’t have to be boring. Try spray painting your folding chairs fun pastel colors to make them more welcoming and exciting. You can also do this with other types of metal furniture that are starting to look a bit dingy. If you’re feeling really creative, you can also take a smaller paintbrush and add patterned details, like polka dots or flowers.

Pallet Porch Swing

You can easily create your own porch swing without spending tons of money. All you’ll need to do is go to a local home improvement store or even a grocery store and see if they have any old wooden pallets that they’d be willing to sell to you. You’ll also need some rope to hang the swing. You can either lay the pallet hanging flat, or use multiple pallets to create a chair if you’re feeling creative. Use some spray paint to add some color, and then use the rope to hang the swing from your porch or a tree. Just add some throw pillows, and you have an easy and convenient place to hang out.

Comfy Picnic Seating

If you can’t afford outdoor furniture, there’s still a simple and easy way to create seating in your backyard. Take old pillows and sew them together to create a quilt that you can lay out as seating for backyard lounging, eating, or socializing. Pillows are comfortable and supportive (in fact, they may be more comfortable than actual furniture). You can even use fun pillowcases to give the space some personality.

Hopscotch Court

If you have kids (or just want to add some youthful charm to your yard), add a permanent hopscotch game to your space. Buy some extra pavers from your local home improvement store, and spray paint them each a different color. Then, take some white paint and add numbers to each paver to create the hopscotch game. Lay the pavers in your backyard, and you’ll have a charming little spot that will be sure to catch the eye of anyone who visits.

Tin Can Lanterns

These DIY lanterns are a great way to add light to your backyard. Poke holes in old tin cans, and then spray paint them the color of your choice. Add candles or battery powered lights to the inside of the can, and the result is soft mood lighting that will set the tone for your next backyard event. You can set your tin cans on a fence or other flat surface, or you can hang them from a tree or bush.

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