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5 Romantic Places in Orange County, California to Take a Date

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The idea of planning a romantic date can be a little daunting because you want to plan a date where there is plenty to engage with while making sure neither your date nor you will get bored if the conversation lulls.  On top of that, you want to plan something unique and interesting, so you’re not sitting awkwardly at a bar or ignoring each other in the dark during a movie.

When considering a romantic date, it really depends on your personality and the personality of the person you’re dating, because even a trip to Disneyland or a walk on the beach can be romantic to the right couple. Here are some of my favorite romantic places in Orange County.

  1. Orange Hill. For a romantic date, the atmosphere is more important than the food. While the food at Orange Hill is acceptable, the atmosphere is what makes this spot worthy of an intimate night out. The view is amazing, and if the date goes well, walking the grounds after dinner can foster an opportunity for continued conversation and connection.
  2. Disneyland / Downtown Disney. Visiting Disneyland, especially going in the afternoon and staying until closing, can be the perfect, fun date spot for a couple looking for something more unique than dinner and a movie. With cooler weather and fewer children, the evening atmosphere at Disneyland can be surprisingly romantic. If you’re not interested in paying $200 for a night at Disney, you can always visit Downtown Disney. There aren’t any rides, but there is alcohol, restaurants, and sometimes live music.
  3. Laguna Beach. You can’t go wrong with a night on the beach. Laguna Beach isn’t as quiet as it used to be, but this area has tons of charm. Make dinner reservations, and spend your time before and after dinner exploring the boardwalk and walking along the water.
  4. Segerstrom Center for the Arts. If you’re more interested in an artistic night out, then visiting the Segerstrom Center for the Arts may be more up your alley. Located in Costa Mesa, the Segerstrom Center offers musicals, ballets, and classical orchestras on a regular schedule. Grab a bite to eat and then head over afterward to see a performance. You won’t be disappointed.
  5. The Fifth Rooftop Restaurant & Bar.  The Fifth Rooftop Restaurant & Bar is one of the few rooftop bars located in Orange County. This bar is located across from Disneyland on top of the Grand Legacy at the Park Hotel. The parking is limited, and you may have to do a little bit of walking to get to the restaurant, but if you time your reservation right, you will get a front-row seat to Disneyland fireworks.

No matter what you decide to do for your romantic date, the most important part of the date is having some time to get to know the person you’re with. If the conversation is flowing nicely, don’t hesitate to suggest a walk after a pleasant meal or dinner after an event at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts or after visiting Disneyland.

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