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10 Effective Ways to Keep Bugs Out of Your Outdoor Plans

Whether you have an outdoor party or a barbecue with your friends and guests, pests and mosquitos can be your worst nightmare. In this article, we will explore some of the simplest and most effective solutions to get rid of mosquitos, pests, and mosquitos.

  • Light Some Citronella Candles

This is one of the oldest tricks but it has never been short of efficiency. Even if buying the candles gets challenging, you can always go for DIY solutions. Citronella candles are made of essential oils so they will not only spread a pleasant smell but also kick mosquitos off the property because mosquitos hate citronella.

  • Buy Covers for your Cups

Bugs will never let you drink those cool and sweet cocktails on your own. To keep them off your cup, it’s best to get cupcake liners on your cups. Using covered cups will let everyone sip their drinks in peace without any bother.

  • Get Fans for Everyone

Hand fans can be a great help in blowing unwanted friends away. Hand fans are usually handed as wedding favors, but you can always choose from many personalized models to keep your guests cool and mosquito-free.

  • Build a Bonfire

Burning some herbs in your bonfire will keep mosquitos away for good. Burning sage will keep mosquitos and many other insects away. At the same time, you can add lavender and mint to get a pleasant scent out of the fire.

  • Set a Mason Jar Luminary

Jar luminaries are not only beneficial in giving off a gorgeous glow, but they are also used to effectively deal with insects and keep bugs away. With mason jar luminaries, you get the ambience and the bug-free space

  • Exposed Food is An Invitation

It makes sense that sometimes, your decoration and set depends on exposing the food you prepared for the party. However, nothing will attract pests and mosquitos more than a delicious meal. The best thing to do, in this case, is to buy some fashionable food covers to keep your food intact and your space bug-free.

  • Plant Some Lavender

Do you know what’s the difference between most humans and all bugs when it comes to lavender? Humans love the smell while bugs hate it.

  • Make your Misters

You can always use your lavender plant by infusing it into a spray bottle. This party favor will give your space a very pleasant smell and free your guests of mosquito bites.

  • Take Advantage of Bugs’ Stupidity

Sometimes, it can be hard to find the time and make some of the tricks that we went through. That’s why we will share this trick that many people swear by. They claim that by putting a few pennies in a glass of water, you can fool bugs into thinking that the reflection of the pennies is a bigger bug and that will keep them away.

  • You Can Always Go Basic

The most popular solution to keep bugs and mosquitos away is to get bug spray from the drug-store. You can get a few units and spread them across your space so that visitors can always find a way to get bugs off their space.

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