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South Coast is dedicated to partnering with our Client Communities and their Board’s to not only maintain and enhance, but to improve the community they serve which will protect and increase the value of their members largest asset, their homes.

Each community association, while having many similarities, is different and unique. As such, South Coast Property Management provides a flexible, individually tailored contract that meets the needs of your specific community. Our entire team, provides  professional “hands on” service for your Association ensuring that “We Will Exceed Your Expectations”.

Our Management Keys



South Coast consider association vendors as a valued part of our team as we together provide service to our Association clients. All vendors participate in our Certification Program to make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured to accomplish the work they are given to do at any community. The teamwork between South Coast and Vendors insures that our clients are a well maintained community.


Let our technology work for you. We don’t just manage your community from our office, we are regularly on site, meeting with vendors, checking on compliance issues, addressing maintenance needs. Our software interface goes with us when we are in your community. You need information tracked, our system does it all and if it happens in your HOA, it’s documented.


South Coast partners with each client Board to make your volunteer experience exceptional for you and your community. Our team is here to insure that you are kept abreast of all laws and procedures that you must follow to fulfill you duty as a board member. We make sure that you provide all annual disclosures to your membership; that your reserve studies reflect the decisions and work you have done; that your budgets accurately reflect your needs and desires for your community. It is our goal to make your role as a Board Member a positive and proactive experience.


If you call South Coast in nearly every case you will have your call answered “live” by a team member who can address your issue. Our system is set for us to answer the phone and only in rare occasions will you be placed into our backup automation.


South Coast considers communication to the Association membership a vital part of  our partnership with a Board. South Coast includes two “key” communication tools, a regularly published “E”-newsletter and a website with the association’s own domain name to keep owners informed of information as part of our service to each client. 


The life of an association doesn’t just occur between 8 and 5. Our team is there and the partnership with are vendors are in place so that we can react to any need even if its after hours simply by calling us.

Community Management

Because You Deserve An Exceptional Community

We can provide Full Service Management tailored to meet your every need

Financial Management

Financial Security You Can Trust

We can management your most important assest: Your Money!

Consulting Services

Let Our Expertise Work For You

Only need occasional community management service? Let us help where needed 

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