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5 Types of Flowering Plants to Plant Now to Enjoy This Summer

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Flowers are the beautiful works of art by nature that invigorate new life in surroundings with their vibrant color and soothing fragrance. Planting flowering shrubs are not only a treat to the eyes but also helps to beat down the scorching summer heat. Enjoying a breeze of cool air in your garden with beautiful flowers will soothe your mind and soul. It might be tricky to choose the plantlets to plant so that you watch them bloom in summer. Many plants are not able to withstand the summer heat and wither away in no time. In this article, we have come up with five flowering plants you can choose from to plant now to enjoy them when summer kicks in.

  1. Purple Wave Petunia: Petunia is a hybrid flowering shrub with small upright stems. They bloom in soothing colors of purple, lilac, and pink. Petunia is favorable for small lawns and gardens. They grow in small bunches and can be planted in hanging pots. They can also be used to retain walls or act as a cover to the ground. Petunias are a perennial plant that requires an ample amount of sunlight throughout their life. To enjoy this plant in full bloom, do not forget to water it regularly
  2. Zinnias: Zinnias are bright beautiful flowers that are known to thrive through drought conditions. Zinnias are available in vivid colors like profusion white, cherry, and oranges. They are somewhat similar to daisies and can bloom throughout the year. Besides, they can also be used to make bouquets. You can pluck a handful of Zinnias and in no time they will grow back, brightening your lawn with their vibrant colors. They are also available in double profusion variety if you want to give your garden a fluffy pom look. To keep these plants in good condition you need to water them regularly and keep them exposed to sunlight
  3. Globe amaranth: If you love small bud-like flowers, globe amaranth is a good choice. It blooms with a clover-like flower head. The flowers having paper-like thin petals that do not wither away easily, thus making them suitable for making bouquets. The flowers can be dried after summer and can be used for wintertime arrangements. Globe amaranth is available in red, pink, white, lilac, and purple color depending on the variety. The plant requires moderate watering and full to partial sunlight
  4. Daylilies: Lilies are known to be one of the toughest blooming flowers suitable for summers. The flowers are a treat to sore eyes with their sword-shaped leaves, swaying with the summer breeze. The blossoms are a mix of golden and yellow and they grow in clusters. You will need to water daylilies regularly and keep them in full to partial sunlight
  5. Brown-eyed Susan: These beautiful summer flowers are like polka dots on yellow or orange colored canvas board of petals. They are known to bloom profusely in the warmest areas as they require a good amount of sunlight and water. They are lovely perennial flowers with Goldstream variety that can be used for decoration as well
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