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The Best Family-Friendly Parks in Orange County

Lake Forest – Baker Ranch Park

Bakers Ranch is a community that was established recently and it is home to this beautiful and well-maintained park. The park contains a lot of equipment that can be loved by adults and kids; a tube slide, a chain climbs, basketball court…etc.

This park is suitable for visitors of all ages as the games and activities will capture the kids’ hearts. At the same time, the green spaces and fresh atmosphere will make adults and senior citizens feel relaxed.

Irvine – Heritage Park

If you’re thinking about a place to have an all-day picnic, this family-friendly park is one of the best options for you. It’s easy to locate as it’s next to Heritage Park Regional Library. This park’s lake makes it exceptional as it occupies its center with fish and turtles filling it. There are many activities to do at Heritage Park; you can feel the animals or sit with your family and take a tour down the walking path.

Garden Grove – Atlantis Play Center

The final part of a cul de sac hides this beautiful park and reserves it for families and friends. The space is very appropriate for group gatherings and birthday celebrations. While the 2$-entrance fee isn’t very high for a single person, you can expect all the security your children need in a park. One of the special features of this park is that it doesn’t allow adults to enter unless they’re accompanied by a child. Atlantis Play Center provides a space for adults to sit and relax in the shade and various swings, slides, and so many nooks and crannies for the children to play. If you ever make it to Atlantic Play Center, don’t forget to experience the giant serpent slide, you don’t want to miss that.

Lake Forest – Serrano Creek Park

This is the right place for people who want some time away from the noise and stress of their daily routine. Serrano Creek Park offers its visitors the chance to relax and enjoy the pleasant smell of the Eucalyptus trees. At the same time, it has a playground that will entertain children making it a family-friendly space.

Costa Mesa – Tewinkle Park

Tewinkle park is one of those eco-friendly spaces where you can enjoy the quiet atmosphere and grasp the natural beauty of Costa Mesa. It can be challenging to find the park since it runs next to the 55 freeway but it won’t hard to find it.

Tewinkle Park is filled with water from waterfalls to streams, not to forget the big lake and the animals that fill it. With an adult-friendly space for a picnic and a playground for children, this park can welcome families for an unforgettable day out.

Laguna Beach – Bluebird Park

If you want to take your kids out and allow them to enjoy their time, this is the place for you. Bluebird Park is special because it features different playgrounds for big and little children. It’s also important to note that the whole space is enclosed. In this park, you can allow your children to play as much as they want without leaving your supervision.

Mission Viejo – Pavion Park

Pavion Park welcomes all people regardless of their ages and different sizes. With many fun activities and equipment, adults, children, and senior citizens can have a day out and enjoy their time. Some of the equipment that this park offers include; a tree-house with ramps and slides, sand diggers, swings, and spinners.

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