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Great Ways to Deal with Clutter

One of the most alarming things to be accused of is being a hoarder! It’s easy to let clutter get out of hand, especially in children’s rooms. To maintain it all, you have to come up with a plan you can commit to. Don’t worry, decluttering doesn’t have to take long or cause much stress. Here are some great ways to deal with the clutter.

Before you start

Before you throw things away and donate your favorite tchotchkes, take a moment to consider what you want your home to look like. Go room to room, closet to closet and visualize what you want them to look and let those ideas guide you through the clutter.

Take it slow

Break the chore up into daily increments. One way to go about it is to take five or ten minutes to work on your hoard, fill one trash bag or give something away every day.

Act as if you’re moving

Moving is one of the most challenging endeavors in human history and quite the accomplishment. Many people discover they have a lot of stuff they don’t want or need hiding away in closets, shelves, and the garage. At the point, we have to deal with our clutter no matter what. So, why not pretend to be moving all the time and keep a tight inventory? So if you do move, the process will be easier to execute.

Keep, sell/donate or trash

First, sorting the mess is key to getting through it all. You’ll have to decide what you’re going to keep, sell or donate and what should be thrown away. Placing the items in boxes or piles will keep everything organized, make it easy to move things and help maintain your focus. If you want to keep an item, it has to be something you actually need or use regularly and have space for. The things you don’t want that are in good condition can be sold or donated to thrift stores and charities. Everything else can be trashed and forgotten.

Declutter with family

Organizing and clearing our clutter can definitely be a family activity since everyone in the home adds to it. Even if they don’t live with you, family members can help with the manual labor and convince you to get rid of things you’re thinking about keeping or take them off your hands. Turning the endeavor into a game is a great way to get the kids involved and instill good cleaning habits

Ask your items important questions

It may sound silly but asking your items important questions will help you decide what to do with them. For specialty objects, ask what does this do for me that nothing else can? To help get through more common items, ask do I have anything else that works better? For more personal items like photos and clothing, ask would anyone else want these and how often do I wear it? Question everything and you’ll soon discover you really don’t need much.

Drawers, cupboards, and closets

Decluttering doesn’t mean your entire home is a mess. Clutter usually piles up in certain rooms, drawers, and closets. Let’s start in the bathroom! Go into your medicine cabinet, drawers and cupboards and take everything out. As you put things you want and are actually useful back in an orderly fashion, discard expired medications, makeup, skincare and cleaning products. Put everything you’re keeping back into their homes in an orderly fashion and then do the same in all baskets and the shower.

Next is the bedroom. Of course, make your bed. This will inspire you to keep the rest of your room clean and organized. Then move on to drawers and surfaces by pulling out anything you don’t wear or use. Make it a habit to not bring in dishes or disposables like water bottles and wrappers.

The kitchen may be the most difficult to get in order because it’s the most visited room in the home and we have to store so many things, which we lose control without even knowing it. Empty your pantry, cupboards, and drawers and clear the counters. Assess each item and put back what you need. This process will help you create an inventory of what you want to keep, eliminate broken and worn items and collect duplicate things to giveaway.

Professional assistance

If all else fails, bring in the professionals. There are organizational and cleaning services available to help decide what you’ll keep and discard and how to keep it all from cluttering up again. These businesses will certainly leave you with more tips and ideas to maintain their work.

We hope these simple ideas will help everyone realize the chore is doable and can actually be fun. The accomplishment will make you a more confident homeowner, the space will feel new and you’ll want to entertain more. So, it’s time to get started and keep up the good work!

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