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7 Tips for Getting Outdoors in the Spring

Spring is the time for getting outdoors and emerging from our winter caves to enjoy the bright Spring weather. Winter can be miserable: trapped inside, terrible weather, rampant flu; it’s all too much sometimes. But when the rain finally lifts, there are a string of beautiful days where humans aren’t the only thing emerging from hibernation. If you’re stuck indoors still, either by your health or your job, you can still enjoy the springtime with these tips for getting outdoors in the spring.

1. Take a walk!

You don’t have to leap right into a nature hike or something strenuous if you’ve spent a couple months indoors. Start small with a stroll through your neighborhood. See what flowers your neighbors’ lawns are sporting, get ideas for your own garden, and just enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. If you have a dog, get that good boy outside and explore the neighborhood or even the dog park. You can get a step tracker to record your progress and even win step challenges! If you have a friend who’s been feeling down or you miss talking to them, invite them out for a walk and catch up.

2. Explore your local natural attractions.

Sure, there’s neighborhood parks that you can stroll through, walk your dog, play basketball, or use workout equipment. There’s more out there than parks, though. See if there’s a botanical garden near you and go see what plants and flowers they have on display. Take a blanket and some snacks and have a healthy picnic! You can also get flowers and plants for your yard or garden very easily in the spring, just visit a farmer’s market or even a botanical garden, as they often sell young plants around that time of year.

3. Take some cool pictures.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to enjoy taking pictures, and you don’t even have to buy expensive equipment if you don’t want to. If you want to explore a new hobby of outdoor photography, that’s great too! You can find really good digital cameras these days that make it easy to download pictures to a laptop or upload to a cloud. Photography is also something you can do after work too, because that sunset time is what photographers call the Golden Hour. Get out there and capture it! There are even neighborhood photography groups you can join to find all the good spots to capture a moment.

4. Attack that yard and/or garden!

So spring is the time when all plants like to start sprouting and going crazy–even weeds. So you should spend some time outside your own house in springtime, too. Mow the lawn, pull some weeds, plant some flowers, or even plan a new garden with stakes and string. Outdoor spring cleaning is also a thing. Get a sprayer and power-wash your deck and house exterior, scrub down that outdoor furniture and rake up all the leaves and trash that piled up when the weather was bad.

5. Pretend to be a tourist.

Wait, what? Yes. Pretend to be a tourist in your very own town. See what Spring festivals, rodeos or carnivals, neighborhood parties, or outdoor charity events are happening around your town. Then go see them! Explore your city, and you can get some exercise, support your local economy, and have a fun experience. Even if you just go to the downtown area of your town and walk around, you can have a good time. Dine al fresco with a loved one, meet up with a friend and just enjoy your hometown.

6. Hop on a bike.

You may be a little rusty, just like your bike chain. Your bike might have been sitting in the garage or chained up outdoors, so you might need to give it a little love before you take it for a spin. Take an afternoon, watch some videos online, maybe get a kit from a bike shop if you’re nervous, and then clean your bike up! You don’t even have to go riding that same day, but you’ll probably want to. Either way, riding a bicycle is a great way to get outdoors in the spring, and it’s good for your heart too!

7. Whatever you do outdoors this Spring, be safe!

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to your local park or the closest hiking trail, it’s important to remember your outdoor safety. Especially if you’ve been cooped up all winter, you may forget those summertime things like sunscreen and bottled water. Springtime is usually when the first sunburns appear, so protect your skin from damage starting with that first spring outing. Also be aware of your surroundings, and carry pepper spray, bear spray, or some other form of protection when you’re in isolated public places, especially at night. Reflective tape or clothing can also be a great idea if you like a nighttime or dusk walk or bike ride.

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