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14 Free Ways to Say I Love You This Valentine’s Day

It’s really easy to go to the store and buy one of those mass-produced Valentine’s Day gifts. But a free Valentine’s Day gift means so much more. Free gifts make people feel special because you can tailor the gift exactly to the person, refer to something personal, and really say “I love you” for free.

So how are you going to say I love you on Valentine’s day without spending a dime? Easy. Let’s get down to it!

1. Leave a handwritten note.

In this digital age, no one writes things anymore, so put a written note on the computer screen, on the bathroom mirror, in your partner’s jacket pocket, etc. The idea is to leave your “I love you” note somewhere where they will find it accidentally.

2. Create a coupon book.

Who likes doing chores? No one, that’s who! A coupon book can make for a special free gift if the chores have been frustrating your partner. Sometimes one person can do more of the work around the house, and the other person offering to take some of that load is a great free gift to show they care.

3. Make a custom playlist.

Make a playlist of all the songs that remind you of your partner. Sure your partner and you may not share the same taste in music, but it’s really the thought that counts. If you two do share the same taste in music, then you can introduce your partner to bands they’ve never heard of!

4. Make a scrapbook. 

This is the thing we always say we’re going to do after a vacation that we never get around to doing. This can be a perfect way to say “I love you” for free. A scrapbook is also a gift that your partner and you can make together! Buy a scrapbook kit, bust out the wine and chocolate, and remember all of the fun times.

5. Get rid of the kids (or pets) for a day.

Getting rid of the responsibilities and being able to kick back and relax with your partner can be a great lowkey (and free) Valentine’s Day celebration. If you can’t get the pets or kids out of the house, get yourself out of the house! You can house swap instead and stay over at a friend’s while they house-sit for you.

6. Build something crafty.

Some furniture pieces are super easy to build, like bookshelves or a little step stool. If you’re not much of a builder, pull out that list of DIYs and get started. Take care of all the little things around the house that no one wants to do like change the hallway light bulb and fix the janky desk drawer.

7. Give your partner a “free day.”

Remember when I said you could make a coupon book? Alternatively, you can just give your partner a 100% chore free day. Let them kick up their feet and you take care of everything– the dogs, the kids, calling the cable company to figure out why the bill is so ridiculously high (again).

8. Have a couples spa day.

Self-care is important and mutual self-care is even better. Sometimes what a partnership needs is a mutual night of picking the fleas and bugs out of your partner’s fur and having a protein filled meal. Okay, maybe you can skip eating the fleas and bugs, but the point is a couples spa day can make both parties feel pampered.

9. Cook a special dinner (or any other meal).

I know in this day and age, we’re not always home to do dinner as a family, but if the meal you see your partner for is breakfast, then make a nice one of those. Prepare your partner’s favorite meal– even if that ends up being mac and cheese for breakfast.

10. Meet them for lunch.

This is truly one of my favorite gift for a loved one because it’s so simple. Even if all you have to take for lunch is some leftovers from the night before, meeting your partner for lunch will brighten up their day–guaranteed.

11. Make an “I love you” list.

How often do you really say why you love your partner? Usually we just say the words, not the feelings behind the words. Try listing 14 reasons why you love your partner and giving that to them as a free Valentine’s Day gift.

12. Pray out loud.

This doesn’t just apply to religious people. If you believe in manifesting your desires through positivity or affirmations, commiting to an affirmation for your partner will have the same effect. Ask your partner what they want or need and let them hear you ask the universe to help them and thank the universe for bringing you together.

13. Be unusually affectionate.

In our daily lives, little displays of affection fall away. An extra touch or kiss or just setting work aside and opting for cuddles can make your partner feel special and say “I love you” for free.

14. Stop. And say “I love you.”

If you hated all of these other suggestions, that’s cool, because the best way to say I love you is to say I. Love. You. Say it deliberately, so put your phone aside, have your partner put theirs aside, look them in the eye, and say those three magical words. Crying might happen, so be prepared. Really, this is the best free way to say I love you.


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