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How to Stay Safe in the Sun

Summer is finally here, and that means you’ll be spending much more time enjoying the beautiful sunshine in your backyard. However, spending too much time in the sun comes with risks. Not only is there the possibility of a nasty sunburn, but too much time in direct sunlight may even lead to skin cancer in the long run. You can easily prevent this from happening by developing some healthy habits. Here’s what you need to do to stay safe in the sun this summer.

Apply sunscreen every hour.
No matter how sun-tolerant you think your skin is, you still need to be applying sunscreen every hour to protect yourself from sunburns and other sun damage. You should also re-apply sunscreen every time you get in and out of the water. Look for a sunscreen that has at least an SPF of 30, and make sure it protects against both UVA or UVB rays. You should also make sure you have a sunscreen that you can wear on your face. If you don’t like putting on sunscreen, look for a spray-on version that’s easy to apply.

Wear hats and protective clothing.
If you don’t like wearing sunscreen, you can also prevent sunburn by physically covering up. Wearing hats is a great way to prevent your face, ears, and hairline from getting sunburnt. You may also want to wear clothing that covers your arms and legs. Since this can be very hot and uncomfortable in the summer, choose clothes that are made from a light, loose cotton material that will wick sweat away.

Wear sunglasses.
In addition to protecting your skin, it’s also very important to protect your eyes from the sun. When you are outside on a sunny day, be sure to have sunglasses with you to protect your eyes from the glare. Any sunglasses will suffice, but ones that are designed specifically to filter out harmful rays from the sun are even better.

Stay in the shade.
You can also protect yourself from the sun by staying in shady areas of your yard. If you have a large tree, you can install a hammock or bench beneath it to give you a comfortable place to sit. You can also put up an umbrella anywhere in your yard to provide temporary shade. If your yard is lacking in any shady places, you can try installing a patio cover or a gazebo to create a permanent place to sit that will protect you from the sun.

Make use of the morning and evening hours.
If you want to be in direct sunlight, it’s better to do so early in the morning or in the evening. During these times of day, the sun isn’t as bright and direct, so you’ll be able to enjoy it with a minimized risk of sunburn. These hours of the day are also very pretty and temperatures are a bit cooler, making your time outside generally more enjoyable. Keep in mind that you’ll still need to wear sunscreen to prevent damage completely.

Keep aloe vera on hand.
Even when taking these protective measures, you’re still likely to get the odd sunburn here and there throughout the summer. When this happens, you want to make sure to take steps to heal it right away. The better your sunburn heals, the less painful it will be, and the less likely you will be to have long-term damage. Aloe vera lotion will soothe your sunburn by hydrating and healing the skin and it will help prevent peeling as well.

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