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Fun Pool Activities For Kids This Summer

If you live in a warm climate, having a pool in your yard is definitely a huge perk. It’s the perfect way to cool off on a hot day, and it’s also a great place to socialize. It’s especially fun if you have kids, who will be happily swimming their summer away. Here are some fun backyard pool activities to keep you entertained this summer.


One of the simplest and most exciting things to do in the pool, especially with kids, is to have swimming races! Not only is this a fun competitive activity, but it also promotes healthy exercise, which is important for everyone to have in their routine. You can race however you want, as there are tons of different ways to do it. Some fun options include relays or “mermaid races”, which involve seeing who can swim underwater the longest.

Water Ping-Pong

Since ping-pong balls float to the surface of the water, you can play tons of fun games with them. You can actually use paddles to play ping-pong in the water, but you can also use them for a variety of other fun activities. Virtually any game you like to play on land, you could play in the water using a ping-pong ball with a little bit of creativity.


Another fun classic pool activity is diving for small objects such as coins or sticks. You can even purchase diving toys that are designed specifically for this purpose. You can do this with one person diving and one person throwing the items into the pool, or you can make it more competitive by having your kids compete to see who can catch the item first. Additionally, you can make this game even harder by having the divers start outside the pool, and only letting them jump in once the items have been thrown.

Noodle Fight

Noodles are popular pool toys, but you can use them as more than just floating devices. One fun game to play with noodles is to have two players (or teams, if you have a big group) sit on a raft or float. Then, use the noodles to try and knock each other over. You can get creative and use the noodles in a variety of different ways for both offense and defense. This game is best if you have a big pool, as you don’t want anyone falling off and hitting the edge.

Marco Polo

There’s a reason this game is so popular – it’s extremely entertaining and can be played for long periods of time. Alternate roles among your group, so everyone takes turns being ‘Marco’. Although this game has elements of both tag and hide-and-seek, there’s something about being in the water that makes it more fun.


If you have younger kids, you can have all kinds of fun with different make-believe games in the water. Pretending to be mermaids or fish is an obvious fun option, but you can also opt for something more complex, like sailors or pirates. The beauty of this is that you can really do whatever you want and your children will enjoy it.

Fun Floaties

Don’t feel like being active? You can always just relax in a pool float instead. There are tons of trendy pool floats out there right now, ranging from swans to popsicles and everything in between, so you’ll be able to find one that’s comfy and suits your style. Letting yourself float along in a warm summer breeze is an amazing way to let go of day-to-day stress – just don’t forget the sunscreen.

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