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6 St. Patrick’s Day Traditions You Can Do At Home

St. Patrick’s Day is known to be a religious and cultural celebration which is held on March 17th, as it was the traditional date of when the foremost patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick passed away. However the celebration, over time, has become quite mainstream that people of all religions and cultures in different countries enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

This is why there are so many fun ideas that families can enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations at home. With that said, let’s talk about the 6 St. Patrick’s day traditions you can do at home with your family:

1. Make Kid-Friendly Green Beer

Kids will love this fun and easy recipe because they will pretend they are drinking green beer just like how it is done in Ireland! All you need to do is buy some ginger ale, and then green food coloring. Once you pour the ginger ale into the glass, then add in some green food coloring. Mix it well so all of the colors are distributed evenly, and the next thing you know your kids will be enjoying their kid-friendly green beer. And, why not enjoy some of it yourself?

You can even add extra fun to this drink by adding green ice cream! Or, you can even add green ice cream to root beer if you like that idea better. However, that is optional. Your kids will certainly love pretending to be in an Irish bar while drinking their green beer. That is the idea of this tradition because it is fun!

2. Build a Leprechaun Trap

One fun family St. Patrick’s Day tradition is by building a leprechaun trap. All you need to do is get a white box and keep it open. Then get some coins and rainbow-colored ribbons. Then cut the ribbon and add the coins into the box while placing the end of the ribbon also into the box while the remainder of the ribbon sits outside of the box. The remainder ribbon can be used as a ramp for the leprechaun to walk right into the box that has the coins.

Kids can use their imaginations by pretending that the leprechaun they are catching will walk over the ribbon and head into the box where they can be trapped and captured!

3. Read Irish Stories to Kids

This is the perfect day for kids to learn about St. Patrick’s day and the history of Ireland. Take the time to read these kid-friendly books about Ireland that kids will be intrigued by. One good book idea for this purpose is A Fine St. Patrick’s Day by Susan Wojciechowski.

4. Make St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

This fun activity is an obvious one since families can enjoy making arts and crafts with one another. As far as the St. Patrick’s Day themed-crafts go, the sky is the limit with what kind of cool things that you can make. You can have on hand green construction paper, green and gold glitter, green markers and paint, and anything else that you may find to be fitting. You can make St. Patrick’s Day cards, and do some artwork as well that is relevant for the celebration. Here are other amazing St. Patrick Day craft ideas that families will love as well!

5. Kids Can Look For a Pot Of Gold

If you are looking for St. Patrick’s Day games that you can play at home with your kids, then one favorite one is to create a pot of gold. Get a black tiny pot and get some gold coins that you can find at any craft store if you don’t have them at home. Put the gold coins in the pot and hide it so your kids have the opportunity to find it.

Once the pot has been found, then you can reward the winner with money or a treat.

6. Make Shamrock Pancakes

Your kids will love the idea of waking up to having shamrock pancakes on St. Patrick’s Day morning. And it is very easy to make. All you need to do is get any pancake mix, as well as green food coloring, and of course a shamrock cookie cutter.

When you are about to make the pancakes, all you need to do is prepare the pancake mix like you typically do whenever you make them. Then add green food coloring and stir it around well. Then place them on the pan and make sure that they are cooking slowly so they don’t burn.

Once they are browned, take them out and take the cookie cutter to shape them as shamrocks. You can add more fun to these pancakes by putting whipped cream and green and white sprinkles around it. This breakfast will be a perfect one for the family to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Now you know of 6 fun St. Patrick’s Day traditions that you can enjoy at home with the kids. And they will love at least a few of these ideas, if not all. If you have any other St. Patrick’s Day fun ideas that can be done at home, please share them! We would love to know!

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